Inter-Continental Sea-freight tracking with Sigfox

Today, Michelin, Sigfox France and Argon Consulting announced the launch of a new solution for the tracking of sea-freight containers in real-time based on Sigfox’s technology . Michelin, the world-leading tire manufacturer, has actively participated in the development of this solution for the past 12 months and is an early-adopter of this solution, already in use on some of their critical inter-continental flows.

With more than 90 M of containers shipped per year, out of which 20M by European companies, stakes are high in the worldwide Supply Chain market and its potential for IoT is massive. Companies have been seeking for many years an alternative to tackle the constraints of existing solutions: high costs, short battery life, non-proprietary solutions and difficulty to transmit from the inside of the container.  Sigfox technology, which is based on cost-efficiency and low-energy consumption, is a solid solution if it can actual support a global network.

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