Lora by Semtech : Wireless Connectivity Solution Analysis


LoRa is a long range wireless connectivity solution developed by Semtech. If you want to learn about the pros of this solution please visit the website: http://www.link-labs.com/lora/

Here are my major concerns regarding this solution.

1)      LoRa is very spectrum unfriendly. When LoRa is transmitting, most systems become inoperable.  LoRa and Sigfox cannot live happily together. LoRa would completely render Sigfox useless if deployed in the same vicinity.

2)      Large bandwidth

3)      High power

4)      No interference awareness or fair-use methods of communication

Check these engineering threads in which TI experts tear LoRa apart.- https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/156/p/343273/1477077.